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We are Miridy Landscaping Services Vancouver. We specializes in providing quality esthetically pleasing and affordable landscaping solutions for residential and commercial clients.

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We use only the best materials and products for your garden, and we ensure the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Landscaping Services

We offer a variety of landscaping services in Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam. Our services include: lawn care, mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, dethatching, fertilizing, pest control, sodding lawn, planting, rock gardens, seasonal services, clean-ups and more, need something else, ask us!
Complete Maintenance Landscaping Services in Vancouver

Complete Landscaping Maintenance

Complete landscaping maintenance is our premier service. We can help you keep your entire outdoor landscape in pristine condition all year.

Mowing Lawn Landscaping Services in Vancouver

Lawn Care Services

We can help you keep your lawn in top shape by mowing, dethatching, fertilizing, weed control, trimming, edging, weeding and seasonal services.

Seasonal Landscaping Services in Vancouver

Seasonal Services

These are additional services that may be required depending on the weather and climate. For example, spring/fall clean-up, seasonal display.

Planting Landscaping Services in Vancouver

Planting Care Services

We can help you create, maintain or improve your garden by selecting, arranging and caring for your plants.

Rock Gardens Landscaping Services in Vancouver

Rock Gardens Services

We can help you create a stunning and unique landscape feature by arranging rocks and plants in an esthetically pleasing manner.

Lawn Care Landscaping Services in Vancouver

Sodding Lawn Services

We can help you install a new lawn quickly and efficiently by laying pre-grown grass sod on your prepared soil.

Annual Landscaping Maintenance Services

We can take care of your landscaping on a regular basis ensuring that it stays healthy, beautiful, and functional. We can perform tasks such as: lawn care, mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, and more. We can also provide seasonal services such as: leaf removal, snow removal, and spring and fall cleanup, learn more below:

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Annual Landscaping Maintenance Services in Vancouver

Lawn & Garden Care Services

Mowing and trimming of your lawn; application of nutrients; prevention and elimination of unwanted plants removal of dead grass and organic matter; removal of grass and weeds that grow in unwanted areas.

Planting Care Services

Weed control; mulch; rake; prune and plant your flower beds.

Seasonal Landscaping Services

Spring/fall cleanup, leaf raking and removal; soil aeration; overseeding lawn; seasonal display; snow removal.

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Gardeners Landscaping Services in Vancouver

We have the expertise and equipment

We have the expertise, equipment and tools to handle any landscaping maintenance, no matter the size or complexity of your property. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us take care of your landscape with complete landscaping maintenance service.

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